BENGAL CAT

Bengal cat is young breed, whose breeding started in 60.th  years of 20.th century in USA. For Miss Jean Mill, founder of race, the target was to breed cat, what looks like wild-cat but with temperament of domestic cat, pet.
The main forefather of bengal cat are wild bengal cat (female) and domestic cat (male).
Miss Mill was succeeded in the 4.th generation (F4) of breeding , and she get subjects with right characteristic for next breeding. Bengal cat is the most popular cat in the USA .
In the 1984 accepted TICA (The International Cat Association) as first on the word race bengal cat. Europe organisation FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline) accepted this race in 1998, but silver color variant they still don't accept.
Raised color version of bengal cat (our specialization) has to have like main distinguishing mark from classic variant in addition of lighter color of hair also AQUAMARINE (blue-green) or in snow variant BLUE color of eyes.
We want to emphasize, that bengal cat is despite of wild genesis very friendly and familiar, lover of water. She is well known by her good health.

DON SPHYNX – Russian hairless cat

More information about this race you can find on our web site www.sdyron.sk.
Our breeding station SDYRON * SK is in the valley of monument Strážovské vrchy, under ruins of Košeca castle from era 1560, in small village Male Kosecke Podhradie. Beautiful scenery of this environment is good inspiration for breeding so generous being - cats.
Nowadays is in our breeding station SDYRON* SK main effort breeding of two rare breed of cats - Bengal cat (BEN n 24 32) and Russian hairless cat DON SPHYNX (DSP).
Our main principle in breeding is preferring quality in front of quantity. We are specialize in breeding raised colour variants of bengal cats and valuable color variants of hairless cat Don Sphynx. (DSP 33).
........Bounty Sdyron, SK has become a double World Champion at two different association (WCF and MMME)..........